Recycling Rewards

All items purchased from us since February 2020 can be returned to us in exchange for shop credit. You can save your shop credit & use it in the future.

Your Rewards shop credit can be used to purchase sale items.

Ladieswear £10.00 – £15.00 shop credit per item. Menswear £10.00 shop credit per item. Childrenswear £5.00 – £7.50 shop credit per item. Slings £10.00 shop credit per sling.

We have recently partnered with another UK company who repurpose all of our worn out (but not damaged) items for resale purposes. We sell clothing that still has plenty of life & wear left in them via our website preloved page.

Shop credit cannot be exchanged for cash. Shop credit is non transferable & can only be used by yourself. Shop credit is supplied to you via a checkout code for use when making your next online purchase.

Please e-mail us to register for Rewards or to find out how much shop credit your item is worth. Alternatively you can post your worn out items to our workshop but please enclose a note with your name & your email address on so that we can email you your credit code.


98 Waterloo Road

Ashton on Ribble